Tuesday, July 06, 2010

07.06.2010 — midday on the range — panorama

philmont panorama, iv — midday on the range
— 8 x 16 inches — oil on canvas
— copyright Dawn Chandler 2010

This painting is an expanded view of the scene in the painting I posted yesterday of midday behind Philmont's Cattle Headquarters:

philmont summer, vii — midday on the range
— 6 x 6 inches — oil on canvas
— copyright Dawn Chandler 2010

Overall I think the expanded version is a more successful painting. In the first one, I think I painted the far mesas a bit too dark, whereas in this version I lightened them up just a bit, giving the painting a little more atmospheric depth.

Also, I think I got the suggestion of the lay of the land in the foreground a bit better in this one.

And finally, I love the volume of the clouds here — especially that one that rises up like an anvil, as though chiseled.


Avram said...

Hi Dawn! Nice talking to you at the artists market a couple of Saturdays ago. Your landscape work is really nice!


Dawn Chandler said...

Thank you so much for your message, Avram — it is good of you to write and to check out my work. I enjoyed talking to you as well!


~ Dawn