Saturday, January 22, 2011

01.22.2011 ~ santa fe winter, ii

— santa fe winter, ii
6 x 6 inches oil on panelcopyright dawn chandler 2011

The second of two oil paintings I did that night last week, mentioned in Thursday's post. The creative sense just flowed that evening. I'm delighted with the sense of color and light in this piece.
The scene here: Near the clearing on the lower west corner of the property, Christmas Day.

After a long day on the computer yesterday tending to art office work, I'm excited to have set aside this morning to paint.
...may The Muse be magnanimous.


Maia said...

Balance is good, no?

Dawn Chandler said...

It's good, indeed, but oh so elusive sometimes!
...though less elusive now, I'm pleased to say.... :)

amatamari© said...

Oh really wonderful!

Dawn Chandler said...

Thank you, Amatamari!

Heather said...

I like this one even better!

Jim Swain said...

I enjoyed both of these.
I like the feeling of a different environment (compared to walking through the snowy Poconos).

Dawn Chandler said...

Thanks, Heather!

Dawn Chandler said...

Thanks, Jim! Wow -- the Poconos....Haven't been there in a few decades....!

SKIZO said...

thank you for sharing