Sunday, October 09, 2011

10.09.2011 ~ thank you

Grateful to everyone who ventured out on a dark and stormy night Friday to come to my art show opening at the Downey Gallery. You are brave souls! I regret not keeping my camera handy during the party, but did get at least one pic of the gallery before the arrival of the water-logged masses.

Lovely to see my so many of my paintings displayed together on walls other than those of my studio.  Even lovelier to see so many friends. Thank you all!

Recent Paintings by Dawn Chandler will be on display at the Downey Gallery at 225 Canyon Road, Santa Fe until 10/21/11.


Douglas said...

I like the venue. It's so complimentary it looks more like the home of an avid collector than a stale gallery.

I wish I could have come.

Mark Rikard said...

Congratulations Dawn! Hope your show is a huge success!

Dawn Chandler said...

I, too, wish you could have been there, Douglas! Will be counting on you the next time! ~ D

Dawn Chandler said...

Thanks, Mark! :)