Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10.11.2011 ~ returning to spring

 returning to spring
oil on panel   12 x 12 inches
copyright dawn chandler 2011

I love this painting. It feels peaceful and juicy in the jewel-like intensity of the colors.

Here again, the foundation of this piece is a traditional landscape — though you'd be hard pressed to find any hint of Baldy Mountain from Wilson Mesa hidden under these abstract passages of brilliant color. About the only trace of its former life lies revealed in the bit of turquoise (sky) in the upper left. 

There's a richness to the colors and texture of the paint surface here that could only be possible through the building up and scraping down of layers of paint. This is really the main reason I like to "recycle" old paintings and give them a new life: Because the surfaces and depth of color achievable from layering paint add depth, brilliance and visual interest, and these aspects really excite me.

Familiar elements — my visual language — appear here: suggested archways or passageways....soaring birds (which of late usually appear as a pair — my parents)....mysterious thoughts scratched into the surface of the paint...those three red punctuation points....

All in all, in my view a quietly joyful, forward-looking piece. 

Returning to Sring is on view through October 21, 2011 at the Downey Gallery at 225 Canyon Road, Santa Fe.


Douglas said...

Ok, I'm tired of these swipes and smears of color which shouldn't look like stuff but do. I'm worried about you're subtle invasion of my subconscious and what you're ultimate agenda is here.

I'm gonna need some duckies and kitties soon. Or a bowl of fruit.

Dawn Chandler said...

Get used to it, Stud. ;-)