Monday, November 14, 2011

11.14.2011 ~ all roads lead to Rome...and back again.

Photo by Dawn Chandler copyright 2011

Back from a trip to Italy, and I am revived, invigorated and inspired.
Photo by Dawn Chandler copyright 20
Thanks to the graciousness of a dear friend, I was able to stay for a full two weeks in five-star accommodations in the heart of historic Rome. A block from Piazza Navonna, just a few blocks further from the Pantheon, and a 20-minute stroll from Michaelangelo's Pieta, Sistine Chapel and all the glory and wealth of the Vatican museums, I had some of the most stunning artistic achievements of all humanity at my figure tips.

Daily I strode the stone and storied labyrinth of the Eternal City, delighting in the passageways and towering archways of those ancient, narrow streets. Cappuccini and cobblestones and Chianti defined my days.

Photo by Dawn Chandler copyright 2011

Primary among my goals this trip was to photograph the vast offerings of sculpture and architectural details — a visual oasis free to anyone who merely opens their eyes along the streets of Rome. And photograph sculpture and architectural details I did. Eleven-hundred photographs later, I've a stock pile of fodder for future mixed media paintings and collages. I am brimming with imagination and anticipation of the ways these photographs and explorations will translate into my artwork in the coming months.

Readers, have you been to Rome? Where are your favorite places?

Photo by Dawn Chandler copyright 2011


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Wow, indeed! It was a great trip!
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