Saturday, April 07, 2012

04.07.2012 ~ one more

~ one more ~ by dawn chandler ~ mixed media on panel ~ 8 x 8 inches ~ copyright dawn chandler 2012 ~

I don't know who that woman is. People give me things from time to time, and one day a neighbor gave me a box of photographs. Among the staid portraits of stern anonymous people and pictures of Midwestern farm equipment was this image of this lovely woman full of quiet expression. I felt an immediate kinship to her

The coy little girl with the apron and sagging white tights is myself, c. 1968 or so.* Over her head floats an image of a nest with two eggs. Between the woman and the girl, a single, unlit match.

The text down the right-hand side of the panel was torn out of an 18th century book of sermons — a deteriorating book I found in a book-barn in New Hampshire a couple of decades ago. Passages of text from this book appears frequently in my collages. The panel behind the figure of the girl is a dried and pressed tea bag. Across is it is Barbara Rockman's poem scribed with a quill pen and sepia ink in my own hand.

This is the fourth of my small works for the the Odes & Offerings deconstructed show, on exhibit at the GVG Contemproary gallery at 202 Canyon Road here in Santa Fe.

* For the record, the apron is white, the dress is green; the shoes are red. Surely there's something telling in my early fashion sense?


Jack Matthews said...

I like your mixed media art. Impressive photograph of the woman and you when young.

Dawn Chandler said...

Thank you, Jack.