Wednesday, April 18, 2012

04.17.2012 ~ new painting series kick off: stowe, vermont, i

~ stowe, vermont, i ~ oil and mixed media on panel ~ 12 x 24 inches ~ copyright dawn chandler 2012 ~

Starting this week I'll be posting the beginnings of a new paintings series. The ultimate goal of this project is to unite my two painting passions: landscape with mixed media 'abstraction'.

The first phase of my process is to create a series of "traditional" landscape paintings (see the first one of the series, above: stowe, vermont, i). Once I've created these, the next phase will be to start abstracting the landscape in a second round of panels. I'm anticipating that the third phase will be to take what I've learned from the first two steps and work much larger. I have other ideas, too, for that phase, but I'll articulate them when I get there.

For now I am working on Phase One. A few simple parameters have developed as I've been working:

-- Each painting is long on the horizontal, measuring 12 x 24 inches (
proportion of height:width = 1:2). The support for each painting is a hard thin Ampersand Gessoboard panel, stained a warm brownish:

Ampersand gessoboard panel stained brown.

-- The painting starts with a very loose underpainting also in warm browns, and writing — or scribing, as I like to think of it — across the surface:

Loose underpainting and scribing for stowe, vermont, i by Dawn Chandler. Copyright Dawn Chandler 2012.

What am I scribing? Really, anything that's on my mind at the time.... thoughts.... dreams... 


Why do it?
Because I like it.

The act of writing my thoughts out clears my head before commencing to paint. And I like the idea of imbuing my paintings with this soulful, confessional act.

And then when I paint, sometimes my words bleed through. Landscape traditionalists may balk at that, but I love it. It's a little "surprise" in the surface of the painting, creating a tension with the depth of realisim.

Detail of scribing across the underpainting of stowe, vermont, i by Dawn Chandler. Copyright Dawn Chandler 2012

Below, details of the finished Phase One painting, stowe, vermont, i. No scribing is bleeding through much on this first painting; it's more prevalent in some of the others.

Detail of stowe, vermont, i by Dawn Chandler. Copyright Dawn Chandler 2012.

Another detail of stowe, vermont, i by Dawn Chandler. Copyright Dawn Chandler 2012.


Heather said...

Thanks for the window into your process! Love the photos. Can't wait to see more.

Dawn Chandler said...

Thanks for the encouragement and for taking a peek!

The Artist's Life Experiment said...

Dawn, I am so excited to see what happens when you combine your two styles!

Dawn Chandler said...

Thanks, Tina! Me, too! ;)