Saturday, December 15, 2012

12.15.2012 ~ the morning after

what do you do

the morning after

when you feel so utterly

angry and helpless

to help

what do you do

but go to the edge

of the forest

fall to the earth

flail your cold tattered wings

and give rise

to 27 snow angels

~ dawn chandler 12.15.12


ted said...


Dawn Chandler said...

thank you, Ted.

Karen G said...

Just now seeing this...You astound me with the way you live your life like a poem, Dawn.

Dawn Chandler said...

Thanks Karen... Some days are harder than others to find the poetry in life... but I try.

The Artist's Life Experiment said...

This was the perfect thing to do.

Dawn Chandler said...

It was the *only* thing I *could* do....