Friday, October 14, 2016

hello again ~ greetings from my santa fe studio

Greetings on a glorious autumn day here in Santa Fe.

Not sure who — if anyone — will see this.... But thanks for reading if you find it.

I moved my main blog to Wordpress a couple of years ago, when I created my new website (which, by the way, I'm utterly delighted with — check out my website here and my blog here).

But a knowledgeable little bird has suggested I share my blog posts on this platform, too, as time permits, just to reach more people who might be interested in my art and haven't yet found me via other links.

So... Hello again. And welcome.

I'm not sure what I'll do here — whether I'll simply copy my crafted posts from my "real" blog posted over on my website.... Or let this be something a little different... 
Hmmm... Will have to gnaw on that a bit.

For now though, here's a glimpse into my studio this fine day, with some of my recent "textual landsscapes" up on the wall. These all measure 24" x 48", with the one on the easel 24" x 24".


Douglas Fasching said...

I see!

dawn chandler - santa fe artist said...

How mighty fine, DF, to find you here -- thanks for responding! :D